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In Number 82019 New Zealand
APINZ HONEY COOM PETITIONWe have Manuka Honey UMF15, which won the highest gold award.

Manuka honey is a tree of the Myrtaceae family that grows only in New Zealand. Honey from its white flowers has a strong medicinal effect and is called a healing tree. It has been used as a panacea for a long time.
The strength of antibacterial power is enough to be used in hospitals.
In addition, it is said that nectar can be collected only for about 4 weeks when the flowers bloom in a year, and it is very valuable and loved by people all over the world as a miracle honey.


Difference between Manuka honey and ordinary honey

Manuka honey is different from ordinary honey in appearance and is not transparent and has a high viscosity like caramel and is sticky. Also, there are people who have a peculiar taste and aroma and it is difficult to lick it as it is.

How to eat delicious

・Mix with yogurt and eat

・Eat over pancakes and toast

・Drink in tea.

※I think you can expect enough effects just by eating a teaspoon before going to bed. Even after brushing your teeth, honey has an antibacterial effect, so you can eat it.

please note

Please do not give to infants under 1 year old。

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