Raw honey from domestic astragalus [Milk Vetch] 140g


Japan (produced in Okayama Prefecture)

Internal capacity


Preservation method

Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature. It may crystallize white, but the quality does not change, so please use it in a water bath.

How to eat

First of all, please take a bite with a wooden spoon as it is. You can feel the scent and flavor of flowers.

You can also enjoy it in bread or yogurt.

please note

Do not feed infants under one year old.

[Characteristics of Renge Honey]
Renge is red that blooms in spring. Purple flowers. It has been popular in Japan for a long time, and although it is the most popular honey for Japanese people and has no habit, it has a deep taste.
Honey is a good place to try first.
In Japan, honey is as popular as acacia.
★ Usage: Sweets, food, drinks
★ Effect Efficacy: Relieve constipation, strengthen liver / kidney function
[Characteristics of Hundred Flowers Honey]
Hundred flower nectar is a variety of flower nectar, so each one has its own individuality and the scent of the flower is mellow. align: left; "> You can experience the nectar of the flowers you eat.
Colors and flavors vary depending on the season, region, and type of flower.
★ Usage: Sweets, cooking,
★ Effect Effect: Relaxation, firmness and luster of skin
[Number 8 Craft Pure Honey's commitment]
In a place surrounded by the mountains of Okayama It is a valuable unheated, unprocessed raw honey that has been honeyed by craftsmen in a small apiary while checking the sugar content of 80% one by one.
Also, because of raw honey, it may be easy to crystallize due to the composition of pollen and sugar, but on the contrary, it is raw. It can be said that it is honey.

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