How to use the washing form

【How to whisk]

1. First, wash your hands and wash your face with clean hands.

2. Use a whipping net. Wet the net with water and shake it twice to drain the water. (If there is a lot of water, it will become a loose foam and the effect will be halved.)

3. Put a little less than 1 cm of cleansing foam on the net and whisk it so that it contains air. If the water is too low and hard at this time, add a few drops of water.

In about 30 seconds, you can easily create a chewy, dense foam.

* Be careful not to eat it as if it were fresh cream.

[How to wash your face]

1. Place the foam on the T zone, which produces a lot of sebum, and gently roll or press the foam on the pad of your finger (around the first joint). Next, wash with foam in the same way as face line → cheeks → around the eyes.

* Never rub your skin with your hands at this time! Wash with foam only. Since it contains kaolin, which is familiar with clay packs, the dirt is adsorbed to the foam by rolling the dense foam on the skin.

Try to finish the entire face in about 30 seconds. Taking too much time will put a strain on your skin.

I can't stand the place where the mochi mochi foam feels good and I want to wash it all the time.

2, is it a little cold? Rinse with lukewarm water to dissolve the foam.

* It is NG to flush with hot water in the shower. Rinsing with hot water will also drain the necessary moisture and dry your skin. Also, the shower pressure is irritating to sensitive skin.

Gently rinse the hairline, face line, and sides of the nose so that there are no rinsing residue.

3. Gently wipe off the water with a soft towel as much as possible. Do not scrub at this time as well.